Happy New Year! 2015 came and went! I have spent the past few days reflecting on 2015 and I am thinking the one thing that has affected me the most is the fact that I now have THREE, yes… count them 1, 2, 3 TEENAGERS! Two are graduating within the next 18 months and one is technically an adult (GULP!)  I cannot describe the feeling, in my mind they are still these crazy cute adorable babies with big blue eyes!! I am in complete denial! This whole ‘mom of 3 teens’ is completely impossible since I am only 29l!! 😉

What a difference 10 years makes!!!

Before we get into this week’s top five, I need to talk about this a little more. Honestly, it kind of consumes my brain space way more than I ever imagined. Being a mom of teenagers is just as confusing as actually being a teenager!  My emotions are all over the place, we are all a mess, we all cry at the drop of a hat, we get mad or frustrated about things that most ‘normal’ people would not and we laugh about the craziest things! None of this makes sense!!

Can I just take them back to being 5, 8 & 9 when they were pretty much self-sufficient yet I could still control their every move? At the time, I remember wishing they could stay home alone or that they could drive to take the burden of taxi mom away but what I didn’t realize then was how precious of a time that was! That they were old enough to do so many things, young enough to still think I was one of the coolest people ever and still at a point in their lives where I could tell them exactly what to do and protect them from almost every weird crazy thing in the outside world. Fast forward to the lovely, strange world of teenage years….NO ONE WARNED ME!!! Or maybe they did and I choose to not listen because there was NO WAY that my teenagers would EVER act like ‘THOSE’ teenagers or that I would at all be emotional about it or that I would ever be ‘THAT’ mom who shouted things out the window as their child was driving away like ‘I LOVE YOU, PLEASE BE CAREFUL AND CALL ME AS SOON AS YOU GET THERE’ (in front of all of their friends)!!!  Hahahahahaha well….the joke was on me!! Now don’t get me wrong, I think my kids are turning out to be respectful, productive little human beings but they still have A LOT to learn…lots of myelination still needs to happen for them!

I am trying to embrace my new role as mom of teenagers which no longer includes telling them when to take a bath, brush their teeth, eat dinner, go to bed (well sometimes they (Alex) still need reminders ;)), what clothes to wear, what our plans are for the weekend are, etc.. I now have the roles of hormonal counselor, how to deal with broken relationship/ friendship heartaches advice giver, family schedule master, frequent ‘make the right choices’ and ‘please drive safely, no texting’ reminder lady, lay awake in bed thinking through all of the absolute worst possible scenarios until each one of them walks through the door at night thinker, daily life encourager and cheerleader, and the very hard but it is a must…the ‘letting-goer’. Letting your child make decisions, mistakes and letting them learn things the hard way is one of the most difficult parts of all of this parenting of teenagers.

Now don’t get me wrong, every stage of parenting has its pluses and minuses! When my friends that are now just having babies or have crazy toddlers are struggling with all the new baby  and toddler stuff…I know, understand and appreciate how tough all of that is!!  I guess maybe in my mind looking back it was easier because it was expected. (I use the term ‘easier’ VERY lightly friends!!) It seems that just no one tells you how much more exhausting mental/emotional parenting of teens will be than hands-on parenting of babies, toddlers and small children!!! No one tells you that when you think diapers and formula are expensive that you have no idea what is coming when you have to feed 3 adult sized children (and all of their friends/boyfriends/girlfriends…basically like a pack of ravished wolves) who have crazy high metabolisms. Or no one tells you that you will miss being able to tell your children exactly what to do, who they can hang out with, how to do things, when to do things…somewhere along the line, they tune all of that out, they want to be independent thinkers and you have to hope and pray that all those years of hands-on parenting have paid off….it is just the most crazy out of control feeling and I am holding on for dear life !!! #yesIhavecontrolissues

Some things still apply to all stages of parenting:kids funny

Our family is far from perfect, in fact we are probably pretty dysfunctional but it is our normal, at the end of the day no matter how much the kids have been bickering with each other, no matter who is mad at who, no matter what the ‘disaster of the day’ was….we all have each other’s backs and have learned how important kindness, grace and forgiveness is, we all love each other and have learned how to show love, we have a lot of personal inside family jokes and we know how to laugh and smile through the good, the bad and the ugly. These things are important in the big picture of life and I have to remind myself daily that we will all be OK!

Now, after I wipe away the tears from today’s emotional teenager roller coaster…Here is this week’s Top Five:

1) Coconut Oil Coffee

I know, I know…this sounds crazy! But it is one of my absolute favorite treats! I am an absolute coffee lover and a religious black coffee drinker. To me, anything in my coffee just covers up the tasty goodness of the coffee (I have shared my favorite coffee brands in past blogs if you want to know my favs!). But adding a some coconut oil to my coffee as my afternoon treat has become one of my new favorite things. It tastes so delicious and creamy and has some amazing nutritional benefits (google it…you will find lots of articles!), it provides  a little does of healthy fat/protein for my afternoon snack, curbs my sweet cravings and of course gives me a little midday pick me up.

This is how I make it ~ Brew a cup of hot coffee, add 2-3 tsp of coconut oil (*see disclaimer below J), add both to mini blender, blender for 30 seconds (**see my second disclaimer!), pour back in my coffee mug and BAM! A hot cup of deliciousness!CoconutCoffee

*Not all coconut oils are created equally! Look for organic, unrefined and pure (it should smell like coconuts!) A few good brands are Nutiva, Trader Joe’s, Garden of Life…just read the label!

**Super hot coffee in a blender may cause a small explosion and giant mess (I mean, I have heard this can happen, I wouldn’t know from experience or anything!! haha)…let it cool just for a minute or so or add half of the cup of coffee to blender with oil and then pour the blended mixture over the black coffee to fill your cup back up (it will then look like a pretty latte…and you will feel fancy!)

2) For The Love

Ok so THIS BOOK….Hilarious, uplifting, emotional, spiritual, every mom should read it if you want to laugh about the everyday life of just being a mom. I completely have a girl crush on Jen Hatmaker…not in ‘that’ kind of way but in a ‘I really want to be friends with her’ kind of way J She just gets me….well maybe she doesn’t even know me (yet….) #Iamnotastalkerreally….but if she did, I am sure we would be besties….LOL   Anyway,  I could go on and on about this book, I have now read it 2x through and pick it up every now and then to just read a chapter because I love it so much! Instead of going on and on…here are a couple exerts…and the link for you to go buy it because I know you want to! #ForTheLove #JenHatmaker

From Chapter 2 ‘On Turning Forty’

“I am experiencing trauma and am unsure what to do. It blindsides me constantly, assaulting me when I am unaware and uprepared. Every time, I am left reeling and need to lie down to recover. I never get used to it, and each time it happens is like the first time.

I keep seeing someone’s old lady hands sticking out of my sleeves.

There I am, just going about my work , and BAM. Old-lady hands typing.  Reaching for my dishes and KAPOW. Old-lady hands cooking. These hands are quite confusing, with their veins and sunspots and loose skin. What in the actual heck? Whose grandma hands are wearing my jewelry? More specifically, how did my mother’s exact hands relocate to my body?”

From Chapter 9 ‘Hope for Spicy Families’

“Can I tell you my goal for my kids? That their childhood is mostly good. People, I declare “mostly good” a raging success. If I am mostly patient and they are mostly obedient, great. If we are mostly nurturing and they turn out mostly well-adjusted, super. Every childhood needs a portion of lame, boring, aggravating, and tedious. Good grief, life is not a Nickelodeon set. They need something to gripe about one day.”

I wish I could share the entire book, but there are laws and things against that and I would not want to offend my new BFF 😉 so you just really need to buy the book, make a cup of coconut oil coffee and curl up next to the fire and be prepared to laugh, cry and feel encouraged….You will LOVE it and if you don’t…well then you can blame me for making a horrible recommendation and talk about how horrible it was to your friends and I will just smile, show grace, love you anyway and continue to type with my old-lady hands! #ForTheLove ForTheLove

3) Homemade Protein Bars

Over the past year, I began experimenting with making my own protein bars because:

  • protein bars are expensive
  • they are full of unnecessary junk
  • it is all a marketing ploy, no one needs 780 grams of protein in one bar
  • most of them taste like the sole of a shoe or they are so full of fake, artificial sugar that you can literally feel the aspartame destroying your body
  • because being in the kitchen and creating fun things is my therapy

Now there are some really good ones on the market and I will buy them from time to time when I am in a rush, traveling or just am not in the mood for bar making (I will share my favorites in another blog) I have had some horribly failed attempts but I have also had some really, really good ones so I wanted to share a couple! Each of the recipes below are for a single bar (they take less than 5 min to make) but you can double, triple, quadruple the recipe to make more at a time if desired! Also, you can see they all really have the same/similar base ingredients so have fun with it and get creative! I have several others I have tried but these 3 are my favorites:

 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
1 scoop vegan vanilla protein powder
2 tsp raw honey
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 heaping tbsp ground raw almonds
2 tsp raw cacao chips

Chocolate Coconut
1 scoop vegan chocolate protein powder
2 tsp raw honey
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp unsweetened raw shredded coconut
2 tsp ground raw almonds

Coconut Cashew
1 scoop vegan vanilla protein powder
2 tsp raw honey
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp finely chopped raw cashews
1 tbsp unsweetened raw shredded coconut

~Melt coconut oil & honey, add in protein powder and the rest of the ingredients, blend well. Form into shape of a bar and place in the refrigerator to chill (letting the coconut oil & honey setup) and then enjoy!

*I microwave the honey and coconut oil for 20-30 seconds to melt.
**When it comes to protein powders, there are a lot of good ones and a lot of bad ones (I will do a top 5 of my favorites another time!!) but for this recipe I use Garden of Life brand or vegan Shakeology
***Message me if you have questions on making any of these, I would love to help!

My Thrive Market order for bar making (and coffee !)

4) Paper Plates

My environmentally friendly friends don’t freak out….I am talking about paper plates and fitness! I know it sounds crazy but you really can do all kinds of things with paper plates for core, arm, leg and ab work and how accessible, cheap and easy to find are paper plates!?!?! #noexcuses

Here are a few of my favorite moves (they probably have technical names but these are what I call them). Challenge yourself to complete all 4 for 1 minute each x5 rounds!

Swimming Frog Legsswimmingfrogs Start in plank, pull legs up toward chest, push legs out to side, back to regular plank, then pull knees up again

Single Arm Pushouts (Double arms are good but I don’t want to be liable for any faceplanting so work your way up to that!)plankspushuouts

Start in plank and push one arm out as far as you can and then slide arm back, focusing on maintaining good plank form, not moving lower body and keeping your butt flat. Switch sides after 30 seconds


Start on back in elevated bridge position, slide both feet out, keeping your booty off the floor and then slide feet back toward butt. Modification is to slide legs out/back one at a time.

Kingpin lunges (get it…the bowler lunge reference)Kingpin lunges

In single leg squat position, slide opposite leg out to side and then behind you into a ‘bowler’ position. Repeat on same side for 30 seconds then switch.

I expect all of you to be busting out some mini paper plate workouts on your lunch break, when watching tv or at a party…people will think your awesome (or weird…but they will talk about it for a long time J)

 5) Amazon Prime

Oh Amazon Prime…I love and hate you all at the same time. First, I need to thank you for saving my butt on so so many last minute gifts! This past Christmas would have been a total bust without you! I have great intentions of being ultra-organized but seriously, 2 day shipping is THE BEST and worth my entire membership fee to just have that benefit! But what I did not know until this year is about some other awesome benefits of Amazon. I may be the only one who didn’t know all of these things but I was excited when I found out! (I know there are more, but these are my favs!)

~ Music – there are thousands and thousands of songs you can download for free, create playlists, listen to suggested playlists and really just meet all of your musical ADD needs! With teaching fitness classes this has been my $$$ saver! I am always looking for new music and I was buying it from iTunes, a few songs a week so when I do the math, I will be making money each year by having Prime Music!

~Movies/TV shows – I HAD no idea. Thankfully I have smart teenagers who informed me that not only did we have access to hundreds of movies and TV shows on Amazon but that we didn’t need to rent them because we could watch them all for free with our streaming devices (with 3 teens, this house is full of them…iPads, iPhones, Mac Books, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast…I will stop because honestly, this list is ridiculous…maybe we have a problem!!!)

~2-Day Shipping – did I mention 2 day shipping ?!?!?! #lifesaver

~Product suggestions – so I totally know that this is a trap, a way to get you to buy more, but I fall for it every time because whatever software/robot/gnome/elf that they have making suggestions sure does a nice job of telling me what socks would pair perfectly with my order of new workout shoes J I fall for it more than I should but I am not ashamed to admit it and how could I say no when I love the feeling of new socks and I can have them delivered to my door, in 2 days, for free!!

Anyway, I know it has been around for a while but kudos to Amazon for continually making Prime better for their members, providing great customer service and hiring super tech and fashion savy elves/gnomes to make sure that my new socks and shoes are delivered to my front door just in time for my next workout!

*In no way am I being paid by Amazon to promote them, however that would be totally awesome if I was!! #AmazonPrime


Thank you all for taking a few minutes of your day to read this! I just want to leave you with one last thing because it is the New Year and I know a lot of people set goals to improve their health and fitness, I am making it to my goal to help others by sharing some of my tips and tricks with health and fitness so this is the last year they have to set those goals!!! Last year, I crushed some of my personal goals, one of which was becoming a certified fitness instructor. When it comes to health and fitness,  I am not claiming to be an expert by any means but I am very passionate about it and just love to share what works for me in order to help others take back control of their lives!!! When I changed my lifestyle really focusing on making health and fitness a priority for me, I learned that I really enjoy life so much more because I feel good! I would love for everyone to feel this good and I want to show you that it is possible through all of our crazy busy lives and schedules! Here is the truth, there is no magic pill, potion, machine, device (seriously though that ab stimulator electric belt thing makes me laugh every single time!) that will make you fit and healthy…YOU have to do the work! It is only through regular exercise (which can totally be fun!!), getting outdoors and enjoying this world we live in, and learning that healthy food is fun, easy to make and tastes amazing!! Listen, you don’t have to eat only lettuce, spinach and kale to be healthy! There are a lot of incredible food options out there! Throughout this next year, I will working helping others by sharing tips through my blog, forming some mini goal setting/accountability groups as well as some hardcore, serious (seriously fun and motivating J) GoalDigger groups or personal coaching where we will set personal health and fitness goals and I will be there to motivate, encourage, provide guidance and lift you up to feel empowered to take back your health and live life to its fullest! Stay tuned for more details!! Goals

Next week I will have a special version of Top 5 with Tara…It will be my healthy breakfast edition focusing on my Top 5 nutritious and tasty breakfasts that are ready in 5 minutes or less! Have a great weekend!

I challenge you to choose to one happy thing every day for 2016!

Enjoy Today ~ Choose Happy J



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